How do we do it?

Company selection

We carry out an exhaustive selection of companies both for sale and for purchase and thus guarantee the veracity of the data and continue with the trust of our customers. These are some of the tips that we cae about on this matter:

  • The age of the main senior domain of 12 months.
  • Website visits statistics similar to Google Analytics access for checking online data.
  • Business  gross income minimum 10,000 eurs per year.
  • We check company reports on all business income and expenses of last year.

Free preliminary evaluation report

We are able to provide a free preliminary evaluation based on our experience and customer expectations and we take care of getting all the necessary data to be able to give an analysis of the company and our recommendation.

All our transactions are secure since we use Escrow and NDA to place any agreement and we work in  different languages, currencies, countries, payment methods, ISP…



B2BH is Spanish leading IT business expert of Sell and Buy hosting companies all over the World: North America, Latin America and Europe and Australia.

Our tecnologies are based on a high-tech branchless platform that provides deep reach across our operated markets.

B2BH competitive advantage is gained through an innovative approach to services, premium-quality customer service and effective invest risk management based on sophisticated data analysis and modelling.

We use on trusted companies in our agreements

Team of Experts

We work with a senior experts in all the world in tax and finance consultants, IT technicians, market searchers and consultants…

Jose Santos
Jose Santos
Founder and CEO
Artur Benz
Artur Benz
Top Manager
Sujith M.
IT Consultant
Cases of study

Our last transactions

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